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Pharmaceuitcal Tablets
Pharmaceutical Tablets are solid unit dosage with polymer coating making them easy to gulped for curing disease. These tablets contain right amount of dosage required and available in different colors and sizes. These tablets cures or prevent disease, and should be taken after doctor's prescription.
Pharmaceutical Injection
We provide Pharmaceutical Injection with proper amount of drugs which is injected in body for curing diseases. This injection is mostly preferred as it has more faster reaction than any other medicines. This injection should be taken as prescribed by your physician and kept at dry and cool place.
Pain Relief Oil
Here we provide best quality Pain Relief Oil with herbal ingredients for faster relief from pain. This oil is an effective solution for reducing pains in joints, muscles and other body parts. This oil is in demand as it gets easily absorbed in skin and has fast effects over pain.
Softgel Capsules
Our company supplies medication in the softgel capsule form that does not cause any discomfort to the stomach while digesting like other forms of medicines. Packaged in blister packs, the capsules remain unaffected due to fluctuations in temperature. 
Herbal Capsules
In our range of herbal capsules, we currently have Olivit-400 in the softgel capsule form. Ten capsules are blister packed and 10 blister packs are packaged in a box. The capsule has a vitamin E and COD liver oil composition.